Mechanical Engineering

We foster mechanical engineers who can respond to a variety of needs

Mechanical engineering requires various factors including reducing production cost, reducing environmental burden, and optimized, intelligent, integrated, and universal mechanical systems. Thus, deepening of individual expertise as well as multidisciplinary handling capabilities are required to create a new field through the integration of various academic fields. Therefore, based on the basic knowledge of mechanical engineering by undergraduate education, our program offers lectures and research in the two fields of “mechanical science and aerospace” and “mechanical intelligence and robotics”. Furthermore, we place emphasis not only on classroom discussion, but also on the practical application of acquired knowledge such as manufacturing, creative production activities, or research. Through this process, we cultivate abilities to find new problems and to solve them and foster advanced, internationally competent expert engineers and researchers with high expertise and communication skills.

Mechanical Engineering


Environmentally-friendly electrical rust-proofing treatment methods


We developed a system that uses water instead of a machining fluid (oil or lubricant) in the cutting and grinding processes. This method can reduce the effort and cost of disposing of the processing liquid and the burden on the environment. And, the water can be reused after purification. Furthermore, this filter is expected to have a cesium-removing effect. This research received an incentive award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Kumagai Award from the Japan Society for Abrasive Technology.

Research to give robots high intelligence and cognitive abilities


In the field of mechanical intelligence and robotics, we are conducting research through collaboration with a broad range of fields such as artificial intelligence or cognition. We aim to give high intelligence, cognitive abilities and the conversation ability with humans to intelligent machinery such as robots.

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