Research Center for Manufacturing Technology

The strong points of Iwate University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering are die-molds, casting, and devices. This is a center for research and development that integrates and combines the research and development of die-molds, casting, and devices. We aim to improve each technology, create new industries and new products, form an academic research base, and foster international researchers and engineers to build a manufacturing hub that is connected to and integrated with the region.

Research Center for Die and Mold Technology

This is the first center for die and mold technology at a university in Japan. It was established to advance technological research of die and mold technology and to become an international research hub.
[Contents of research] Research and development of micro-molding machines/research into mold abrasion.

Research Center for Casting Technology

In cooperation with the region and the university, the Research Center for Casting Technology promotes the regional industrial development of manufacturing through the research and development of casting technology.
[Contents of research] Creation of ultra-fine high-strength cast iron/research into higher-order structure control of strong cast iron.

Research Center for Industrial Science and Technology

This is the research center of devices that are the foundation of “monozukuri”. It was established to respond the needs of industry-government-academia including technology education and research, local industrial activation, and cultivation of human resources.
[Contents of research] Research on organic devices/rechargeable lithium-ion secondary batteries combined with solar cells.

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