Research Center for Casting Technology

Role of the Research Center for Casting Technology

The Research Center for Casting Technology is supporting local product manufacturing through research and development of casting technology in a partnership between the region and the University. The research center consists of the Basic Research Division on the campus of the Faculty and the New Technology Application Division at the Mizusawa Satellite in Mizusawa Ward, Oshu City.
The research center is engaged in research and development, industry-academia- government collaboration, fostering of human resources, education of manufacturing, public relations activities, and international exchange.
It plays a role not only in research and development, but also in industry-academia-government collaborative development projects; the fostering of students, worker, and regional engineers; support for the education of manufacturing in the region; and the establishment of a base for international exchange in technical research with universities in China and Korea.

Research Center for Casting Technology

Research Outline

The Basic Research Division consists of cast iron and casting, non-ferrous casting, and materials evaluation sections. In particular, the cast iron and casting section aim to create highly functional, combination type of high-strength cast iron having the features of exceptionally high toughness, strength, cutting performance, and wear resistance.

Research and Development Projects

– Basic research division

  • Creation of ultrafine, high-strength cast iron
  • Higher-order structure control of high-strength cast iron
  • High-performance high-strength cast iron
  • Combination of high-strength cast iron

– New Technology Application Division

  • Manufacturing technology using ultra-thin, lightweight cast iron
  • Manufacturing technology using ultra-thin, high-strength cast iron and its application to automobile components
  • Manufacturing technology using cast iron that has high magnetic characteristics
  • Craft manufacturing technology using ultra-thin, high-strength cast iron
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