Research Center for Die and Mold Technology

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Role of the Research Center for Die and Mold Technology

The Basic Research Division of the Research Center for Die and Mold Technology was established in February 2003 (in Faculty of Engineering, Morioka City) and the Application Research Division in May 2003 (in Kitakami Office Plaza, Kitakami City). This research center is the first out of Japanese universities to work for die and mold technology. The Application Research Division is supported by Kitakami City.
The research center covers the following die-and-mold-related subjects: development of advanced technology, the establishment of an international base, the offer of advanced research results to local industries, fostering advanced experts and researchers, improvement in international competitiveness for local industries through the development of new technology and products.

Research Outline

The Application Research Division is researching into molding technology to meet the need of the region. We also research into “fine and ultraprecision press technology” and “micro-molding machines,” aiming to develop micro-molding technology for the mass production of parts which are tens of micrometers in size.
The Basic Research Division is researching on basic studies related to technological components to put the research results of the Division into practical use.

Research and Development Projects

  • Fine and ultraprecision press technology for low-formability-materials and its application to products
  • Micro molding machines
  • Mold release treatment and its evaluation
  • Mold maintenance and repair technology
  • Mold wear
  • CAD and CAE technology for precision press work
  • Product inspection technology based on image processing or AE method
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