Graduates’ employment

After Graduation and Licenses

Graduates get employed and succeed in a variety of engineering fields. This is because individual students acquired deep knowledge of specialized fields in each department. Many senior graduates have built this foundation. Their evaluation from companies and society has been very high. The Faculty of Science and Engineering holds guidance sessions and seminars to support students’ employment and study. Various types of support are available starting from first year.
Graduates’ employment rate: 92.2%
(164 out of 166 (98.8%) job seekers find permanent employment)

Available support
First and second years Career guidance
Career-related lectures
Job shadowing
Third year Employment guidance in each faculty
Industry (company) research courses (foundations and application)
Self-analysis courses
SPI trial exams
Entry sheet preparation courses (basic and application)
Entry sheet practical courses
Interview preparation courses
Interview practical courses (individual, group interview, and group discussion)
On-campus joint company presentations
Faculty of Science and Engineering internships
Faculty of Science and Engineering international training program
Joint company presentation by alumni association
Fourth year Interview practical courses (individual, group interview, and group discussion)
On-campus joint company presentations
Civil-servise worker presentations
Career examination presentations for Tohoku region prefectures, Morioka City, etc.

Qualifications that can be acquired (planned)

□ Chemistry:
□ Biological Sciences: 2.3
□ Mathematical Science and Physics: 1.2.11
□ Materials Science and Engineering: 2.3.11
□ Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering:
□ Computer, Intelligence and Media Technology: 1.3.18
□ Mechanical Science and Engineering:
□ Civil and Environmental Engineering:

1: High school first-class teacher’s license (mathematics), 2: High school first-class teacher’s license (science), 3: High school first-class teacher’s license (industry), 4: Poisonous and deleterious substances handler, 5: First-class on-shore special radio operator, 6: Second-class and third-class off-shore special radio operator, 7: Junior land surveyor, 8: Associate professional engineer, 9: Professional engineer, 10: Explosives handler and security manager, 11: Hazardous materials engineer (class A), 12: Working environment measurement expert (classes 1 and 2), 13: Pollution control manager, 14: Waste processing facility technology manager, 15: Boiler engineer (class 2), 16: Chief boiler and turbine engineer (classes 1 and 2), 17: Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineer (class 1), 18:Information technology engineer, 19: Electrical chief engineer (classes 1, 2, and 3), 20: Chief telecommunications engineer, 21: First-class on-shore radio operator, 22: Second-class electrical worker: 23: Automobile mechanic (class 3), 24: Fire-fighting mechanic, 25: Construction machinery engineer (class 2), 26: Land surveyor, 27: First-class and second-class civil engineering managing engineer, 28: First-class and second-class construction managing engineer

Course after graduation


The possible paths after graduation are broadly split into getting a job with a private company, and going to graduate school. Jobs are available in a broad range of fields: chemical factories, precision machinery, electrical and electronic, information, civil engineering, environmental, and welfare. There are high expectations from every industry, and graduates are recruited from all over the country. Others go on to graduate school in order to enhance their specialization before getting a job as a technician or researcher for a company.

Chemistry and Bioengineering

[Private companies] Hitachi Solutions, Kanto Chemical, Canon Electronics, Olympus Software Technology, Tokyo Electron, Iwate Toshiba Electronics, Nipro, JR East Tohoku Sougou Service, Yamazaki Baking, Nissin Pharmaceutical, Unicharm
[Civil service] Iwate Prefecture, Aomori Prefecture
[Go to graduate schools] Iwate University, University of Tsukuba

Materials Science and Engineering

[Private companies] JFE Techno-Research, WING, I Metal Technology, Iwateken Kotsu, Ohmori Chrome, Kawamoto Pump Mfg., Sunpot, Takara tool and die, Tokyo Electron Tohoku, Nippon Chemi-Con, Japan Post, East Japan Railway Company(JR-East), Fujikin, Mohka Mfg., Misubishi Electric Building Techno-Service
[Civil service] Iwate Prefecture, Ichinoseki City, Odate City, Gonohe Town, Iwate Prefectural Morioka Technical High School, Morioka City
[Go to graduate schools]
Iwate University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tohoku University

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

● Electrical Engineering

[Private companies] Alps Electric, NTT DoCoMo, NTT Facilities, Kajima, Electric Power Development (J-Power), Toshiba, Tokyo Electron, Tohoku Electric Power, Toyota Motor East Japan, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation(NTT-East), East Japan Railway Company(JR-East), Nissan Motor, NEC, Japan Radio, Hitachi, Fuji Electric, Hokkaido Electric Power, Honda Motor, Mitsubishi Electric, Morioka Seiko Instruments, Yokogawa Denshikiki, Yurtec
[Civil service] Morioka City, Hachinohe City, teacher
[Go to graduate schools] Iwate University, Tohoku University

● Computer Science

[Private companies] ICS, Alps System Integration, Increment P, Echna, SEC(Systems Engineering Consultants), OKI Software, Kita-nippon Bank, Cresco, Shinto Densan, DNP Information Systems, Tecnos Japan, Technol Seven, Techvan, Nisseicom, Wiseman, Mitsubishi Electric Information Network, Bits, East Japan Railway Company(JR-East)
[Civil service] Morioka City, Tohoku Regional Bureau (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
[Go to graduate schools] Tohoku University, Iwate University

Mechanical Engineering

[Private companies] JUKI Denshi Kogyo, NOK, SMC, Asahi Kogyosha, Ito Tekko, Iwate Iron, Kakunodate Shibaura Electronics, Kawamoto Pump Mfg., Kumagai Machine Planning, Keihin, Saikyu Kogyo, JR East Facility Management, Tsukishima Kikai, Tohoku Electric Power Engineering & Construction, Toyota Motor East Japan, Japan Post, Hitachi Building Systems, Hirose Electric, Fuji Honing Industrial, Yamabiko, Yamamoto Mfg, Yokogawa Denshikiki
[Civil service] Iwate Prefecture, Japan Self-Defense Forces, Tono City, Yamagata Prefecture
[Go to graduate schools] Iwate University, Tohoku University

Civil and Environmental Engineering

[Private companies] Taisei, Toda, Wakachiku Construction, Tekken, Ichijo, Oyo, Taiheiyo Cement, P.S. Mitsubishi, Yurtec, Nexco-Engineering Tohoku, East Japan Railway Company(JR-East), Central Consultant, Pacific Consultants
[Civil service] Tohoku Regional Bureau (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Morioka City, Sendai City, Kesennuma City
[Go to graduate schools] Iwate University

Graduates’ employment

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