Graduate Course in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

To realize a sustainable society, it is necessary to break away from mass transport, mass consumption and mass disposal so far. The Graduate Course in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering aims to foster highly professional specialists and researchers who are actively engaged in solving various problems in the aerospace, land, and sea by developing complex knowledge in mechanical engineering and its related fields. We offer education and research in three fields: Aerospace, System Designing, and Bio-robotics. We have set up “Advanced Processing System”, “Advanced Aerospace Propulsion Engineering”, and “Field Robotics” for basic subjects to master basic knowledge. Also, we have established the “Mechanical and Aerospace Project Management” to train the comprehensive ability to construct complex systems in collaborative work. We will cultivate the foundational strength to manage the earth through these programs, and the attitude and application skill to solve various problems in cooperation with society.

Division of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences(Master's Program)