Faculty of Science and Engineering

“Soft-Path Science & Engineering”
for Sustainable development

Under the theme of "Soft-Path Science & Engineering,"
we are developing education and research that is open to the region and the world.
We create innovation and develop global science and engineering human resources.

In the spring of 2016, the Faculty of Engineering at Iwate University entered a period of great development as a faculty open to the region and the world, aiming to create new knowledge by integrating the field of science with the field of engineering, which has 80 years of experience and achievements.

The creation of new knowledge through the fusion of science and engineering means that science, which pursues the truth through analysis and inquiry, and engineering, which seeks new inventions and discoveries through ingenuity, will deepen their cooperation in education and research and utilize each other's specialized worlds to obtain new knowledge and research results.

Based on the philosophy of "Soft Path Science and Engineering," which is an extension of the concept of "Soft Path Engineering," Iwate University's Faculty of Science and Engineering aims to nurture global science and engineering professionals who can transcend the barriers between science and engineering to realize a sustainable, safe and secure society. We also aim to create new innovations in science and technology, form interdisciplinary research centers, and foster international researchers and engineers.