Monozukuri Engineering Factory

The Monozukuri Engineering Factory was established to provide an environment and experiments for “monozukuri” (manufacturing) and support an undergraduate education program for students aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Through their activities in on-campus virtual companies, students can acquire the skills needed for entrepreneurs, including problem-solving abilities, project management skills, communication skills and leadership skills.

Soft-path science and engineering research center

In 2009, Iwate University’s Faculty of Engineering announced the adoption of a research and educational philosophy of “soft-path engineering”, a new kind of engineering for the sustainable community. The Soft Path Engineering Research Center (SPERC) was established in 2011, consisting of three fields—safety and security, future engineering and new materials and energy, in order to realize the philosophy.

This center recognizes that the Earth and its resources are finite.We act as a research organization that tackles technical challenges to actualize the soft-path engineering such as

– the development of new high-performance materials and new material assessment technologies that reduce the burden on the environment,

– the development of materials processes,

– the construction of welfare systems based on life sciences and bioengineering

– and the construction of advanced information systems.

From 2015, in addition to the Global Research Promotion Department, the Innovation Research Department was established and is enthusiastically working on a research project of robotics. At this center, we work for practical research by enhancing the research level of the affiliated faculty members while deepening the synergy between research fields and cooperation with the community under the soft-path engineering philosophy. Although we are a local university, we aim to be a world-class research center by introducing a new framework to stimulate the research.

Research Center for Manufacturing Technology

The strong points of Iwate University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering are die-molds, casting, and devices. This is a center for research and development that integrates and combines the research and development of die-molds, casting, and devices. We aim to improve each technology, create new industries and new products, form an academic research base, and foster international researchers and engineers to build a manufacturing hub that is connected to and integrated with the region.

Iwate University Research Support and Industry-Academic Collaboration Center

The purpose of this center is to promote and support Iwate University's unique research and strengthen the foundation of academic research based on the university's goals and strategies for research promotion and regional cooperation, and to contribute to regional development by disseminating and returning the university's educational and research results and intellectual assets to the region.

Research Center for Regional Disaster Management

This center aims to clarify the mechanisms and their regional characteristics of natural disasters, especially volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, and floods. We develop disaster prevention and disaster management methods by utilizing the network of industry, academia, government and residents. We also support for disaster prevention promotion and its education.