Graduate Course in Mathematical Science and Physics

The course consists of three major programs: “Mathematical Science”, “Physical Science”, and “Advanced Quantum Matter”. We offer a fundamental and broad education in mathematics and physics, ranging from basics to application.

Mathematical Science is concerned with the elucidation of structures or behaviors of abstract objects or concrete phenomena by using the common language of science: equations. Through elaborate theoretical and numerical calculations, one ultimately gains a sharp logical essence for objects or phenomena that are not easily predicted. We hope the students will reap this benefit through experience in subjects such as Number Theory, Lie Theory, Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, and Probability and Statistics.

The aim of the Physical Science program is to understand the origins of atoms and elementary particles, and the evolution of the universe. This understanding is achieved by studying High Energy Physics, Nuclear and Hadronic Physics, Astrophysics, and Observational Cosmology.

Advanced Quantum Matter for materials science covers theoretical and experimental studies of matter and nature that concern superconductivity, strongly-correlated electron physics, high pressure science, and precise physical property measurements under multi-extreme conditions. It is important to investigate these areas in order to find new phenomena about a range from crystals to nanomaterials, and to uncover their mechanisms.

Division of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences(Master's Program)