Faculty Members NARITA Shinya

  • Physics
  • Electrical
  • Electron
  • Space



  • Mathematical Science and Physics
  • [Master's Program] Mathematical Science and Physics
  • [Doctoral Program] Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Fields of Research

  • High Energy Physics
  • Particle Detector R&D
  • Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Research Themes

Particle physics research with high-energy accelerators

I research particle physics to investigate elementary materials and the origins of the universe. In particular, I strive to develop particle measurement devices to observe matter and anti-matter symmetry breaking, the properties of the Higgs boson, dark matter and dark energy, and so on through accelerator neutrino experiments and international linear collider experiments. I also research in the aim of clarifying the mechanisms of new low-energy nucleus reactions in solids.

Teaching Philosophy

I place importance on curiosity, and feel it is important to question even trivialities to seek their essence, as this leads to new discoveries. To that end, I cultivate students to be intelligent, discerning, and creative.