The Faculty of Science and Engineering of Iwate University plays an important role as a center of education and research in our region. We strive to raise the specialists who contribute to the local society of sustainable development with international viewpoints as global experts and having broad knowledge, deep specialty, and rich humanity. Furthermore, we energetically research from the basics to the application in the science and technology. We elucidate the nature through them and accelerate the technical innovation. To accomplish these goals, we have four educational objectives for undergraduates, 1) intensive study of basic science and engineering, 2) active learning, 3) interdisciplinary education, and 4) training of English communication skills.

Educational Goals

The Faculty of Science and Engineering raises human resources having ability listed below, with the goal of contributing to both regional and international progress.

  1. We foster human resources who are equipped with
    • broad knowledge and well-rounded humanity
    • basic academic abilities in science and engineering as well as specialized knowledge and technical expertise that fulfill international standards
    • sufficient moral and ethical standards and be able to actively work on the various problems of modern society with new ideas
  2. We foster human resources who can solve the regional and international issues by applying the acquired knowledge and techniques to science and technology fields.
  3. We foster human resources who are equipped with
    • an inquiring mind and the comprehension abilities on science and engineering
    • harmonious coexistence between people and nature with a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of the various phenomena of natural science
    • an ability to contribute to the sustainable development of the regional and international communities by solving a variety of issues

Research Goals

Based on the rapid advancement of science and technologies in recent years, we actively research from fundamental sciences and engineering to applied commercialization to develop the local and the international society. We contribute to the environmental problems, energy resource problems, preparation for natural disasters, and reconstruction of our society from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

  1. We promote fundamental researches of sciences and engineering field and relevant field to understand natural phenomena, to promote innovation, and to produce novel products/services based on our researches
  2. We explore what is necessary for our region and international communities
  3. We research the application and commercialize

Social Contribution

The Faculty of Science and Engineering develop the local and the international society with our education and research.

  1. We contribute to industrial development through collaboration between industry, academia, government and private sectors
  2. We struggle with the environmental and welfare issues
  3. We work for a lifelong learning society

Admissions Policy

  • People who have the motivation and basic academic skills to learn the fields of science and engineering
  • People who actively explore and solve the problems of science and engineering field
  • People who have the ability to think creatively and logically
  • People who can aware the regional problems, having the motivation for regional contribution

Special Programs

The “Special Programs” started in 2016 aim to develop more highly-specialized and internationalized students equipped with problem-solving abilities in addition to the education through the regular program of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. We offer three programs—Special Advanced Science & Engineering Program, Special Program for Local Revitalization (Manufacturing Field) and Special Regional Recovery Program (Disaster Prevention and Town Planning Field).

Lecture Room

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