Graduate school opens up a world of possibilities for you

If four years at university is an "introduction to research," graduate school is a stairway to a higher level and a place to expand your possibilities. Especially from the perspective of research, it is no exaggeration to say that the depth and joy of research can only be learned in graduate school. The master's program is a "stage to hone your research and technological skills" where you can acquire a wide range of knowledge and gain the ability to tackle problem solving. The doctoral course can be described as a "preparatory stage for conducting independent research," in which students select and plan their own research topics and draw conclusions through research activities inside and outside the university.

Advantages of Postgraduate Study

Opens doors for you as a researcher or developer

The best companies in science and engineering tend to hire people who have completed graduate school. In particular, if you want to work as a researcher or developer, having a graduate degree is an important condition. Research activities conducted in graduate school are in line with the popular learning methods of active learning (problem-based learning) and PBL (problem-based learning).

What you can learn in graduate school is not limited to specialized knowledge and skills, but you can also cultivate "human skills" that will be essential when you go out into the world.

Reward for high ability

Students who have completed graduate school have not only specialized knowledge but also excellent research skills. As a result, they are often recognized as indispensable people in the companies they work for. Furthermore, students who have completed their graduate studies (doctoral course) have a very high possibility of being employed in research positions not only in private research institutes, but also in research institutes and testing laboratories of national and public universities. In many cases, they are entrusted with research management, etc., and can receive favorable treatment.

Through research, you will gain a wide range of contacts and a global perspective

During your four years as an undergraduate student, you will often conduct research under the supervision of your supervisor, but in graduate school, you will be able to engage in research more independently. In graduate school, however, students are able to engage in research more independently. They can feel the joy of being able to come up with new ideas and results depending on their own ideas, which leads to greater self-confidence. Also, by presenting at academic conferences, you will be able to connect with professors and students from other universities and interact with engineers from companies. Furthermore, through presentations overseas, you can acquire a global perspective.

Acquire a wealth of skills

By studying in graduate school, you will refine your specialized knowledge. In addition, you will acquire various skills while learning, such as communication skills (report writing, presentation skills, and English skills), systematic thinking and management skills to accomplish a project, leadership skills for junior members of the laboratory, and the ability to think independently through independent research. You can acquire a variety of skills while learning.

Iwate University also provides excellent support for graduate school

Entrance Examination
Take the entrance exam if you have graduated from a university and want to become a researcher!

Applicants who have graduated or will graduate from a university can take the entrance exam. The examination usually consists of a written test of foreign languages and specialized subjects, document review, and an interview. If you contact the Admissions Office, you can request a copy of the past exam questions, or you can visit the laboratory through the Open Campus. Please prepare well before the exam, and feel the atmosphere of the graduate school before you take the exam. Iwate University is waiting for many students to apply.

A variety of scholarships are available to solve your financial concerns

There are many students who attend graduate school with the help of scholarships. There are many cases where students are able to supplement their tuition fees by utilizing various scholarships, such as scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and scholarships from local governments and private organizations. As a graduate student, you can also receive part-time pay by working as a teaching assistant (lecture assistant) or research assistant (research assistant) for experiments conducted by undergraduate students at universities.

Many of our senior students have found employment at major companies, giving them a wide range of employment options

Students who have graduated from the graduate school are employed by various major companies in fields such as automobiles, aircraft, precision machinery, and medical equipment. Some laboratories of pharmaceutical manufacturers hire only graduate students (doctoral students), so studying as a graduate student (doctoral student) tends to broaden your employment options. D. students tend to have a wider range of options for employment. Senior students have had their entry sheets corrected by their academic advisors and have received support from the university's Career Support Division in their job hunting activities.

Life at the university
An environment where you can devote yourself to your research and spend quality time

Although it may seem difficult to live a research-centered life, I spend a lot of fulfilling time helping each other with my classmates, seniors, and juniors in the laboratory. In some laboratories, core hours (the time when you stay in the laboratory to do research) are fixed so that you can lead a regular life. The student cafeteria of the Faculty of Science and Technology is also open in the evenings and is a great friend to students. The cafeteria is open in the evenings, and the prices are much cheaper than other restaurants around the campus, so students who live alone can use it without hesitation.

Studying in graduate school is to hone your people skills

Not only will you acquire specialized knowledge through research, but you will also hone your communication skills at the same time in graduate school. These skills will be useful in any work situation. You will be able to use these skills in your future life. Why don't you think about studying at a graduate school?

Division of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences(Master's Program)