Special Program for Local Revitalization(Manufacturing Field)

We target students with a strong desire for involvement in manufacturing in fields such as software, electronic circuitry, and mechanical systems. We aim to foster engineers equipped with a high level of expertise who are able to be a frontier leaders at regional companies requiring technical innovations or core engineers of companies with shiny, advanced technology.

Features of This Special Program

  • Education with a lot of practical training and exercises
  • Learning from other students beyond the framework of affiliated courses
  • Internships linked with local companies
  • Tutorial system with a faculty member

Special Program Curriculum

In this Special Program, through the curricula of affiliated courses, students will acquire the specialized technologies and the knowledge to utilize them in the society. Furthermore, in order to acquire the skills needed to develop unique technologies, they also study the basic subjects out of affiliated course. And to foster students’ problem-solving abilities, we provide special extracurricular exercises with a supervision of faculty member.