Admissions Policy

1. Vision

Iwate University, as an academic institution that provides courses and research that pursues truth, seeks to foster human resources with higher, wide-ranging educational goals and advanced expertise while creating an academic culture. It is open to the community in the region and seeks to contribute to cultural prosperity in the region, and to the development of global society through its research achievements.

2. Educational Goals

Based on harmony between a liberal arts education and professional education, Iwate University seeks to foster human resources who have the following capabilities:

  • Rounded human beings with a broad education and comprehensive judgment
  • Specialization supported by a basic academic education
  • Basic understanding of complex, human issues such as environmental problems
  • Understanding of regional communities and global society
  • Ability to be flexible and find challenges, and high ethical standards

3. What is Expected as Students

Iwate University expects students to share our vision and educational goals, and seeks to admit students who

  • want to search for truth and solve problems actively, based on basic academic ability
  • want to acquire a rounded education and leadership skills, and to contribute to regional communities and international society
  • love nature, and live life with high ethical standards and a sense of responsibility

Admissions Policy of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

We seek to foster engineers and researchers who have basic knowledge in science and technology, have specialized skills to actively solve engineering challenges, and can contribute to the development of regional communities and international society. We also seek to promote a broad area of research in engineering fields from basic research to practical application while considering harmony between society and the natural environment, and to contribute to sustainable development. Based on these perspectives, the Faculty of Science and Engineering seeks to admit students who

  • have the basic academic requirements for studying engineering
  • are creative and think logically
  • are actively motivated to solve new challenges and have the required staying power