Faculty Members URYU Seiji

  • Physics

URYU Seiji

Associate Professor

  • Mathematical Science and Physics
  • [Master's Program] Mathematical Science and Physics
  • [Doctoral Program] Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Fields of Research

  • Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Research Themes

The research of properties related to light and electrons with nanosized matter and structures

“Nano” is a prefix that means 10-9, but it is also used to represent a length of 1 nanometer (1 billionth of a meter). We conduct theoretical research to clarify the properties of light and electrons, such as carbon nanomaterials, semiconductors, and metal nanostructures. In this tiny world, wondrous phenomena that cannot be explained with conventional, classical mechanics occur. I hope that our research will become the foundation for applications in a variety of fields, starting with electronics.

Teaching Philosophy

I cultivate students who can develop knowledge and methods in physics and mathematics, think logically, and be proactive.