Faculty Members NAKANISHI Yoshiki

  • Energy
  • Physics
  • Electron
  • Metal



  • Mathematical Science and Physics
  • [Master's Program] Mathematical Science and Physics
  • [Doctoral Program] Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctorate (Science) Field of degree: Physics

Fields of Research

  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Magnetism
  • Exotic Superconductivity
  • Solid state physics under multiple extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, and magnetic field.

Research Themes

The search for novel quantum phenomena under extreme conditions and elucidation of the mechanisms.

Many of the properties of substances that exist around us are dictated by one electron of the elementary particles in the substance. These electrons form groups and interact, by means of which a variety of characteristics that are unimaginable from the electrons on their own are exhibited. I am interested in strongly correlated electron phenomena arising from novel materials of transition metal or rare earth ions with partially-filled d- or f- electron shells. These systems with strong electron correlation give rise to a variety of exciting low temperature properties such as Fermi - and non - Fermi liquid, heavy fermion behavior, intermediate valence or heavy fermion superconductivity.

Teaching Philosophy

My motto is to educate and support students to purposefully and passionately acquire the basic knowledge, concepts, and sense of physics and mathematics, as well as understand mathematical phenomena in nature and society, allowing them to find new physical phenomena (properties of solids) and understand their expression mechanisms. My goal is to cultivate an awe for nature, a sense of coexistence and co-prosperity between nature and humanity, and an interest in beautiful things through the study of the natural sciences, mainly physics and mathematics.