Faculty Members TAKEDA Yuki

  • Mechanical / Aviation
  • Space


Assistant Professor

  • Mechanical Science and Engineering
  • [Master's Program] Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctor of Engineering, Field of Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Fields of Research

  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Aerospace Engineering


  • March 2015: Graduated from Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University
  • April 2020: Mechanical and Social Environment Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Iwate University (Coursework completed without degree)
  • April 1, 2021 - present: Assistant Professor, Systems Innovation Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Iwate University

Research Themes

Numerical simulations of the flow around space planes and airplanes

The interaction between the motion of the space plane (or airplane) and the flow around the bodies is an important issue in aerospace engineering. The high-quality reproductions of the complex flows are required to predict the aerodynamic effect of the bodies. Our laboratory aims to reveal the complex flows and their effect on space planes, we conduct numerical simulations of the flow using the supercomputer.

Teaching Philosophy

I want to foster people who presentation and find the solution of the problem. Moreover, I want to develop future leaders in the numerical simulation.