Faculty Members HANAHARA Kazuyuki

  • Mathematics
  • Intelligence
  • Mechanical / Aviation
  • Robotics



  • Mechanical Science and Engineering
  • [Master's Program] Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • [Doctoral Program] Systems Innovation Engineering

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctorate (Engineering) Field of Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Fields of Research

  • Systems Engineering


  • Graduated from Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, March 1993
  • Research Associate at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University, April 1993
  • Lecturer at the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University, October 1996
  • Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University, April 2000
  • Associate Professor at the Department of Systems Science, Graduate School of System Informatics, Kobe University, April 2010
  • Professor at the Department of Systems Innovation Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Iwate University, July 2016-Present

Research Themes

Research and Application of Optimization Technique

Optimization technique is relevant to all of the fields of engineering and is one of the key research topics of the systems engineering. Structural optimal design creates light and strong artifacts, which result in resources and energy savings. Optimization of traffic network can promote development of social infrastructures at low-cost. We are doing researches on the fundamental issue of designing optimality, as well as the mathematical and computational optimization procedures.

Teaching Philosophy

To study only the subjects related to the graduation of university or the employment after the graduation typically results in some local optima. In order to achieve a further optimal solution of your life in a global sense, you should study a wide range of field as much as you could in the university, as well as experience lots of other things. You don't know what might help you in your long life.