Faculty Members ONODERA Hideki

  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Mechanical / Aviation


Associate Professor

  • Mechanical Science and Engineering
  • [Master's Program] Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • [Doctoral Program] Systems Innovation Engineering

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctorate of Engineering Field of Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Fields of Research

  • Fluid Engineering
  • Engineering for Wind Energy
  • Industrial Archeology


  • March 1985: Graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department , Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University
  • March 1991: Completed Doctoral Program at Tohoku University Graduate School
  • April 1, 1991 - March 31, 1995: Assistant, Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University
  • September 30, 1995: Assistant Professor, Iwate University Regional Joint Research Center (department discontinued)
  • October 1, 1995 - present: Assistant Professor (Associate Professor), Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University

Research Themes

Research into the use of natural energy, focusing on the optimal design of small wind turbines

I conduct research into the use of natural energy resources, particularly the wind turbines. For small scale wind turbines, I proposed a new concept turbine, as emergency power sources or used as independent power sources in mountain or desert areas. Now a days, rapid spread of large scale wind turbine is desired. However, sometimes acoustic and/or vibration problem occur. As a fundamental study for reduction of these problem, generation mechanism study of these are now conducted.

Teaching Philosophy

I help create practical-minded graduates by providing training centered on logical thinking and logical expression, with the subject being wind-generated energy which has been attracting attention for both energy conservation and environmental protection reasons.