Messages from Graduates


Polishing up my expertise and language skills to expand my future success


Graduate School of Engineering, Iwate University
Chemistry and Bioengineering

Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering, Faculty of Engineering Iwate University
[Graduated March 2015]

 I was thinking about a graduate school before I entered the university. I was assigned to a laboratory in my fourth year in the Department of Applied Chemistry and Bioengineering. I only had one year to get involved in research, so I wanted to gain more specialized knowledge in graduate school.
 I research light emission in an organic functional chemistry laboratory. I particularly studied why organic compounds emit light. I currently synthesize new compounds and repeatedly test them to obtain accurate results. I also study English vocabulary and communication to utilize in the future. I also participated in an international training program held by the university for about a month over the summer, in order to improve my English skills. I went to a university in Vancouver, Canada, while doing a homestay there. This gave me the chance to acquire from everyday English to scientific English, and I learned how to give presentations in English. I also enjoyed sightseeing with my classmates on weekends. This training program gave me the confidence to travel to foreign countries bravely. The international training program offers many valuable experiences, so I think those who are interested should definitely participate in it.

The encounter to the interesting things was great benefit during my university days


Assistant Editor, Editing Division No. 2, Video Technology Department

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University
Frontier Materials and Function Engineering Major, Graduate School of Engineering
[Completed March 2012]

One of the things that sparked an interest in video editing in me was presentations in the university laboratory. I described complicated physical phenomena by using illustrations and animations to make them easy to understand. Although the process was trial and error, it was fun. Another trigger of my interest was editing a video when I was the head of the swimming club. It was the memories of the elder members’ activities for their graduation present. I worked on that video to make him smile and to look cool, and it gave him and all of the other club members joy to watch it.
 My current job is to edit videos, primarily for television programs and commercials. I edit the video materials, add superimposed text and whatever other embellishments are needed, and complete the videos according to the format required by the on-air specifications. My goal is to keep polishing the technologies and make videos that move many people.
 The research you conducted and the human connections you formed at a university have a huge value for you, regardless of what work you might take on in the future. That’s because not only did we gain specialized knowledge, but the process itself was very meaningful. It’s important to try your best at everything you do. Next is gaining a lot of motivation, energy, and sense of values. I hope you will have many experiences at university and discover your dreams. 

I experienced the real joy of research and gained a broad basic knowledge


East Japan Railway Company
Signal System Linking Update Division, Tohoku Office

Department of Welfare Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Graduate School of Engineering
[Completed March 2012]

 The Great East Japan Earthquake hit while I was in university and starting to think about my career path. The social infrastructure, including electricity, gas, water, and railways, had stopped functioning, and I realized how inevitable these things were. I was born and raised in the Tohoku region. I hunted for a job with a desire to do work that supported people’s lives in Tohoku and began working for a railway company. I am now in charge of designing railway signal construction.
 The department of welfare systems engineering I studied allowed me to acquire knowledge in a wide range of fields, such as electrical, dynamics, biology, and welfare engineering, and all of these are useful for me now. In my research of master’s thesis, I experienced a hard time without achieving the expected results, then finally seeing them just before the completion; in other words, I learned the importance of continuing and the real joy of research.
 I recommend you to meet a lot of business people during your university days and to experience a variety of different perspectives to search for the work you would like to do in the future. Making personal connection is also a big advantage of university life. You may find lifelong friends such as the people of your club with the same interests as you, or the people you meet in your research in the department or the lab who have the same goals as you. Enjoy making human connections.

The research I did in university formed the foundation for monozukuri (manufacturing)


Kikuchi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
RT Development Division, Monozukuri Mechatronics Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University
Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
[Completed March 2015]

 I think the advantage of the Faculty of Engineering of Iwate University is that you can acquire solid knowledge through practical experience. I researched robots that support humans, and through this research, I had an opportunity to know about human body which I had never directly taught. And I learned how to use various testing equipment practically. I also learned the joy of teaching my research to my peers and having them understand it. That is because I studied here in Iwate University.
I wanted to be involved in design and development, so I began working for a company with many research and development themes and put them into production. I am now involved in the assembly of “muscle suits” (power assistance suits) and drone products. I strive to obtain the qualifications needed for my work and to be an engineer who can manufacture products with a broad perspective.
 From my experience, I believe that it is important to investigate what you are interested in, and taking on challenges while you are in university. Then you will find what you need to gain now, so studying hard will give you the strength to support yourself.

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