Message from the Dean

Towards the creation of new “Intelligence”
― The challenge of the Iwate University Faculty of Science and Engineering ―

Message from the Dean

We all know the expansion of human intelligence is endless. In the realm of physics, for example, from the world of elementary particles to the scale of the universe, new scientific truths are being sought out through the creation of theories and the accumulation of the vast amount of data acquired by new measurement technologies. In the field of biological sciences it is anticipated that, in the future, iPS cells will accelerate regenerative medicine and the discovery and development of new drugs. As for material sciences, blue LEDs are a good example of a valuable collaboration between science and engineering that has developed energy-saving illuminant materials with a drastically lengthened lifespan. Research and development are also being advanced, which has led to new technologies such as deformable panel lighting using organic materials used in smartphones and large displays. In the field of communication technologies, the development of innovative wireless technology, enabling the transmission of data more rapidly and in much larger quantities than the cables, means that the Ubiquitous Network Society is truly on its way. Speaking of aerospace, Japan is now making a great contribution to the worldwide aerospace industries through the advanced technologies of lighter airplanes and highly efficient aero-engines taking full advantage of composite materials with low noise and emission, from which HondaJet and Mitsubishi MRJ are about to fly in the sky all over the world. Furthermore, vehicles that are both environmentally-friendly and helpful to elderly people, such as electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles, will be spreading throughout society very soon. There are also plans to incorporate renewable energy, etc., to make use of these vehicles in new disaster-prepared urban planning. It surely appears that the society of the future envisioned in the past is truly arriving.

Actually, what I’ve mentioned above are good examples that faculty members of Iwate University Faculty of Science and Engineering are dealing with. Iwate University Faculty of Science and Engineering has been established as a new faculty in April 2016 through the reorganization of the Faculty of Engineering with over-76-year traditions and achievements. The Faculty of Engineering had an established reputation, with soft-path engineering for the construction of a safe, secure and sustainable society and contributions to Japanese industries through manufacturing. To this, we have added scientific aspects and the Faculty has been reborn with a new educational system where every student can learn many things spanning from the basics of natural sciences to their applications. Accordingly, this newly founded Faculty of Science and Engineering will raise many students with deep knowledge of science and engineering who are able to create new technologies and concepts linked to new industries and employment and to play active roles in increasingly globalized societies.

Won’t you join us at the Iwate University Faculty of Science and Engineering where we are opening new frontiers in human knowledge, learning about and conducting research into the science and technologies needed for the creation of our future society? We look forward to having each of you with great ambitions as a member of our faculty.

Iwate University Faculty of Science and Engineering Dean

Admissions Policy

Iwate University is an educational and research site acting as a regional center of knowledge.
We strive to raise experts with an internationality, a general knowledge and enhanced expertise who can contribute to developing a sustainable and harmonious community.
Therefore, in addition to the basic knowledge and thinking skills learned through a broad education at high school, we are looking for applicants with the following capabilities and qualities.

  • An active attitude towards the pursuit of truth and the solution of problems
  • Leadership and desire to contribute to the regional and international communities
  • A mentality and morality to pay attention to both people and nature
  • Full of ideas, challenge spirit, and communication abilities
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