Faculty Members AKIYAMA Masahiro

  • Energy
  • Electrical

AKIYAMA Masahiro

Associate Professor

  • Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering
  • [Master's Program] Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering
  • [Doctoral Program] Systems Innovation Engineering

Fields of Research

  • High voltage engineering
  • Discharge plasma engineering

Research Themes

The development of pulse power generators and the research of plasma in liquids

I conduct the research and development of control systems for power generators that can instantaneously generate a high voltage. Various controls can be established using programming, and the results have applications in a wide variety of fields. I also research the generation of plasma in water, and seek to clarify the generation, expansion, bubble formation, shock-wave formation, etc. of plasma in liquids.

Teaching Philosophy

I aim to lecture in a way that connects to students' interests and motivates them. In my laboratory, I hold one seminar a week in English and gather tests published overseas in order to cultivate students to be able to active globally.