Faculty Members DOKI Norihito

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  • Energy
  • Chemistry
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DOKI Norihito

Associate Professor

  • Chemistry
  • [Master's Program] Chemistry
  • [Doctoral Program] Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctorate (Engineering) Field of degree: Chemical Engineering

Fields of Research

  • Chemical engineering
  • Crystal chemistry

Research Themes

The fabrication of appealing crystals and the development of crystallization techniques

Crystals precipitate because their crystal phase is more energetically favorable (stable) than their solution phase. However, these crystallization mechanisms are complex, and the fabrication of crystals with particular functions, the advanced separation of formed crystals, and the research & clarification of high purification are desired in a variety of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, and cosmetics. I research logical crystal structure predictions, techniques for fabricating new crystals with a variety of different functions, and new crystallization methods that can be applied to industrial processes.

Teaching Philosophy

I aim to establish fundamental knowledge, educate students to be able to participate actively in a variety of fields in the global age, and contribute to a society that is environmentally-friendly through research.