Faculty Members HAREYAMA Wataru

  • Environment


Assistant Professor

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • [Master's Program] Regional and Community Design

Fields of Research

  • Environmental engineering
  • Waste treatment
  • Separation engineering

Research Themes

Developing a contamination purification method with organochlorides

New sites of groundwater and soil contamination are still being discovered in many parts of Japan. Purification methods for contaminated groundwater and soil already exist, but an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly method is needed. To meet this need, I am developing a method of purifying contamination through organochlorides, using natural forces such as sunlight and microorganisms. I am also conducting research into low-cost purification using waste products in the above method, and research into its application in the treatment of wastewater containing non-biodegradable, non-organic compounds.

Teaching Philosophy

I teach with the aim that graduates can use their engineering skills and techniques to solve the environmental footprint and environmental problems caused by human activities, in order to form a sustainable and maintainable society in which humans and nature coexist.