Faculty Members KIMURA Akio

  • Intelligence
  • Information
  • Robotics


Associate Professor

  • Computer, Intelligence and Media Technology
  • [Master's Program] Computer Science and Intelligent Systems
  • [Doctoral Program] Systems Innovation Engineering

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctorate (Engineering) Field of Degree: Information Engineering

Fields of Research

  • Image Recognition
  • Computer Vision

Research Themes

Research and development of various image processing technologies

My research interests are digital image processing technologies in wide meaning, especially image recognition, which is applicable to industrial parts inspection and automatic assembly machine on manufacturing lines. I have developed various useful image recognition algorithms such as a viewpoint-independent two-dimensional shape recognition method and a flexible graph matching technique for recognizing cattle muzzle patterns with growing deformations. Recently, I am engaged in developing an efficient method for estimating 3D geometric information using only single-viewpoint image, and 3D reconstruction algorithms using a video taken by low-priced drone quadrotor.

Teaching Philosophy

I have been repeating learning and failures by trial and error through thinking about how to produce excellent graduates who have strong interests in computers and can learn what they need in order to solve problems by themselves.