Faculty Members NAKAYA Naoshi

  • Intelligence
  • Information
  • Design and Media


Associate Professor

  • Computer, Intelligence and Media Technology
  • [Master's Program] Design and Media Technology
  • [Doctoral Program] Design and Media Technology

Fields of Research

  • Computer Systems and Network

Research Themes

Detecting unknown viruses using evolutionary algorithms

My research is focused on computer networks and sensor networks that will drive the future information-oriented society. With particular emphasis on computer viruses that affect security, I am conducting research into the use evolutionary algorithms inspired by the evolution of living organisms in an effort to detect unknown new viruses I have recently started another research project on rendering and visualizing the characteristics of computer viruses in different shapes and colors with the aim of applying the technique to the analysis and detection of viruses.

Teaching Philosophy

I foster students who can perform at a global level in the borderless world of the internet by learning the fundamentals of the computer networks that have become an important part of our civil infrastructure and the technologies that are applied to them.