Faculty Members OZAKI Taku

  • Medicine
  • Biology


Associate Professor

  • Biological Sciences
  • [Master's Program] Biological Sciences
  • [Doctoral Program] Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctoral Field of degree: Biology

Fields of Research

  • Biological Chemistry
  • Cell Biology
  • Animal Physiology

Research Themes

The clarification of the functions of mitochondrial calpain and the development of peptide drugs

Life, including human beings, is composed one cell at a time. Many proteins exist in their cells, and regulate many different life phenomena with a precision beyond imagination. My laboratory, which aims to clarify some of these complicated life phenomena, does fundamental research aimed at the protein “calpain,” which exists in mitochondria. The knowledge gained in the laboratory is applied to the development of treatment drugs for retinal and brain diseases.

Teaching Philosophy

I educate students in the life sciences based on a fundamental knowledge of cellular biochemsistry and animal physiology, and conduct basic research on molecules, cells, and individuals and applied research on drug development. I cultivate flexible scientific thinking and a rich international perspective through this research so that students can contribute to both national and global society.