Faculty Members SAITO Mitsugu

  • Environment
  • Design and Media

SAITO Mitsugu


  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • [Master's Program] Design and Media Technology
  • [Doctoral Program] Design and Media Technology

Fields of Research

  • Atmospheric Environment Engineering
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Dynamic Analysis

Research Themes

Visualization technology and the development of new monitoring methods for the atmospheric environment

There are “global environmental issues” such as global warming and acid rain, and “regional environmental issues” rooted in cities and regions, such as waste, noise and vehicle emissions. As with nitrogen oxide from vehicle emissions causing acid rain, the accumulation of local environmental issues develops into global ones. Based on this point of view, the major objective of my research is the development of methods to capture and measure environmental pollutants, and I am developing a simple way to monitor atmospheric pollution. I am now engaged in monitoring of atmospheric pollutants using a microfiber sheet and visualization of estimated concentration distributions.

Teaching Philosophy

Environmental monitoring involves surveys and analysis at various sites in nature. Sometimes surveys are done at many sites at the same time, so students won’t always be with a teacher. For this reason, I train students and graduates who can think and act by themselves.