Faculty Members SAKATA Kazumi

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Assistant Professor

  • Biological Sciences
  • [Master's Program] Biological Sciences

Fields of Research

  • Neuroscience
  • Biophysics

Research Themes

Computer reproductions of the neural circuits of nematodes, and research into the signal processing and transmission of neural circuits in living organisms

Nematodes have 302 nerve cells, which is an extremely small number compared to higher life forms. Not only are all of the nerve cells named and distinguished, but the types and numbers of the nerve cell connections and their connection locations have all been clarified. In this research, we reproduce the neural circuits of nematodes on the computer, and use these circuits to investigate how signals are processed and transmitted in neural circuits in living organisms. The results of this research up to this point have helped us understand the conditions necessary for the head and body to coordinate when moving in a forward direction.

Teaching Philosophy

I educate students to acquire fundamental knowledge in programming and neuroscience through computer-based neuroscience research. Through this research, students develop the skills to discover general problems and express their thoughts, allowing them to acquire the basic abilities needed to participate actively in society.