Faculty Members TANIMOTO Shinsuke

  • Construction
  • Disaster Prevention


Assistant Professor

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fields of Research

  • Transportation Planning
  • Regional Planning
  • Disaster Prevention Planning

Research Themes

Study on Urban Deveropment in Rural Area

I'm studying the urban development in rural areas. Due to the declining birthrate and aging population and the declining, it is difficult to use traditional method for urban development in rural areas including Iwate Prefecture. Reconstruction town development is promoting in coastal area of Iwate Pref, demand for safer and more secure urban development are growing. My major is the urban development and transportation to support it for future rural areas, mainly Iwate Pref.

Teaching Philosophy

I interested in people's behaver at attitude in rural area. I think it is important to history of the region and people, it would be the important part in education. I try to communicate with the regional people and students for the future in the region.