Faculty Members YOSHIMOTO Noriyuki

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Electron
  • Biology



  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • [Master's Program] Materials Science and Engineering
  • [Doctoral Program] Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctoral Field of degree: Biophysics

Fields of Research

  • Organic materials science


  • March 1991: Completed Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University
  • April 1991 - March 1993: Researcher, The New Technology Development Foundation
  • April 1993 - Present: Lecturer, Assistant Professor & Associate Professor, Department of Material Engineering, Department of Material Properties Engineering (dismantled organization), Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University

Research Themes

The growth and structural assessment of organic semiconductor thin film crystals

Organic semiconductors are expected to become functional materials at the center of electrical products in the future. We conduct research to clarify the aggregation process of organic semiconductor molecules and the crystal structures in thin films, with an eye to the creation of high-quality organic semiconductor crystalline thin films. In our laboratory, we also independently research the development and creation of film formation observation equipment for use in the SPring-8 synchrotron radiation facility for X-ray experiments.

Teaching Philosophy

I educate students with a broad perspective, objective points of view, and the bravery to tackle new issues through the research of organic functional materials, which span material engineering, applied physics, chemistry, electronic engineering, and life sciences.