Faculty Members YOU Mengbo

  • Design and Media

YOU Mengbo

Assistant Professor

  • Computer, Intelligence and Media Technology
  • [Master's Program] Design and Media Technology
  • [Doctoral Program] Design and Media Technology

Fields of Research

  • Feature Selection
  • Machine Learning

Research Themes

Research on Feature Selection Method based on Optimization Model

With the advancement of data acquisition methods and equipment, the amount of acquired data has increased dramatically, and the importance of selecting the necessary information from a huge amount of high-dimensional data is increasing. We are conducting research to select the most important features and reduce data redundancy. We are also developing the feature selection method to improve the convergence speed and prediction accuracy of machine learning algorithms by constructing a mathematical model between feature values and objective variables.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is students will master well-balanced knowledge related to software and hardware necessary for information engineering, develop the cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT to play an active role in the global era with a broad scientific perspective.