Faculty Members ZHANG Jianwei

  • Intelligence
  • Information

ZHANG Jianwei

Associate Professor

  • Computer, Intelligence and Media Technology
  • [Master's Program] Computer Science and Intelligent Systems
  • [Doctoral Program] Systems Innovation Engineering

Degrees Obtained

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering  Information Engineering

Fields of Research

  • Data Engineering
  • Well-being Information Technology

Research Themes

Knowledge Discovery from the Web and Information Support for People with Disabilities

Since the big data era has come, it is increasingly important to find the necessary information from a large amount of information resources. In our laboratory, we are developing the technology of Web mining and information recommendation so as to extract knowledge intended by users from the Web. We are also working on information acquisition assistive technology that aims to provide a platform where everyone can make good use of their abilities to provide or receive information regardless of disabled or non-disabled people.

Teaching Philosophy

We aim to develop students to acquire the practical information technology and have the fundamental abilities and global knowledge such as problem-solving skills, logical thinking ability and communication skills so that they will be active in companies or institutes.