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Single crystal X ray structure analyzer

Single crystal X-ray structure analyzer

In order to foster graduates who can make a contribution to the chemical industry, it is important not only to enhance their expertise in applied chemistry from engineering aspect but also to integrate them with scientific basic chemistry. In this course, we offer three fields of education and research—surface and energy chemistry of inorganic chemistry, organic and polymer chemistry of organic chemistry, and physical chemistry and chemical systems of physical chemistry. We foster chemical engineers and researchers who have a high level of expertise from basic to applied chemistry and can contribute to the sustainable development of the local and international communities.


Contents of Study

Superconductive nucleus magnetism resonator

Superconductive nucleus magnetism resonater

Chemistry, Science and Engineering Laboratory (Third year)

Chemistry, Science and Engineering Laboratory (Third year)

Fields of Surface/Energy Chemistry

Students will study analytical chemistry, surface chemistry, electrochemistry and environmental chemistry with the basic knowledge of inorganic chemistry.
We educate and research on environment-friendly functional inorganic materials, materials for batteries with high energy density, and the surface function control of catalysts.

Fields of Organic/Polymer Chemistry

Students will study organic reaction chemistry and polymer synthesis chemistry with the basic knowledge of organic chemistry. We educate and research on organic chemical products, pharmaceutical products, functional polymeric materials and organic electronic materials.

Fields of Physical Chemistry/Chemical Systems

Students will study quantum chemistry, reaction chemistry, and materials chemistry with the basic knowledge of physical chemistry. We educate and research on the creation of useful crystals, molecular structure analysis, and the functional expression, maintenance and control of structural, energy-converting and molecular materials.

The attractive point is deepening the knowledge of the most interesting research topic

Chemistry & Bioengineering OGAWA Shinpei
[from Hanamaki Kita High School, Iwate Prefecture]

OGAWA Shinpei

Through lectures, the future potential of organic semiconductor products impressed me. And then I’m interested in research on organic electronics. I am currently studying as a member of the Organic Function Chemistry Laboratory. The interesting points are the control of the electron flow on organic reactions and how to create the desired substance. I want to increase my knowledge and technical capability in the Graduate School and hope to work where I can utilize the knowledge in the future. In high school, I was absorbed in my studies and my club activities, so I experienced some concerns when deciding what to do after graduation. I think it’s important to take a time to think about own future little by little.


First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Specialized Basic Courses
Basic Mathematics
Calculus I
Calculus Ⅱ
Linear Algebra
Physics I
Physics Ⅱ
Chemistry I
Chemistry Ⅱ
Differential Equations
Vector Analysis
Probability and Statistics
Fourier Analysis
Biological Sciences Course Subjects
Inorganic Reaction Chemistry
Physical Chemistry Ⅱ
Organic Chemistry Ⅱ
Organic Chemistry Ⅲ
Basic Macromolecular Chemistry
Chemistry of Polymer Synthesis
Exercises in Chemistry, Science and Engineering Ⅰ
Exercises in Chemistry, Science and Engineering Ⅱ
Inorganic Materials Chemistry Ⅰ
Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Engineering Ⅰ
Structural Analysis of Molecules
Chemistry, Science and Engineering Laboratory Ⅰ
Chemistry, Science and Engineering Laboratory Ⅱ
Inorganic Materials Chemistry Ⅱ
Materials Physical Chemistry
Structural Physical Chemistry
Organic Reaction Chemistry
Structural Organic Chemistry
Industrial Inorganic Chemistry
Hardware Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Engineering Ⅱ
Chemistry of Polymer Materials
Organic Industrial Chemistry
Chemistry, Science and Engineering Information Ⅰ
Chemistry, Science and Engineering Information Ⅱ
Seminar in Chemistry, Science and Engineering
Graduation Research
Common Courses within Science
Chemistry and Biotechnology Seminar Ⅰ
Structural Inorganic Chemistry
Basic Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Ⅰ
Basic Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry Ⅰ
Quantum Chemistry
Basic Chemical Engineering
Introduction to Neuroscience
Developmental Biology
Molecular Genetics
Chemistry and Biotechnology Seminar Ⅱ
English for Science Ⅰ
English for Science Ⅱ
Introduction to Chemistry and Biotechnology
Organic Synthetic Chemistry
Medicinal Science
Common Courses within the Department
Introduction to Soft Path Science and Engineering Ethics for Engineers
Nuclear Engineering
Quality Control and Industrial Management Plan
Introduction to Intellectual Property
Selected Topics in Patent Law
Overseas Training in English for Science and Engineering

Compulsory Subjects Elective Subjects

Career Paths

Chemistry is not simply the basis of manufacturing. It is also essential to the resolution of the problems of modern society, such as environmental issue, resource and energy issue, and food and water issue. Therefore, society’s need for chemical expert will be high, and high rate of employment is expected. Furthermore, we recommend post-graduate studies to acquire a higher level of expertise.

Chemical / electronic components and devices / food and pharmaceutical products / energy and the environment / automobile / education / civil service / going on to graduate school / etc.

Faculty Members

OISHI Yoshiyuki
Development of high performance and highly functional polymeric materials
KORENAGA Toshinobu
Development of new catalysts to efficiently synthesize pharmaceutical products
SHIRAI Masayuki
Catalytic responses using water and carbon dioxide
Development and research of fuel-cell batteries and metal-air rechargeable batteries
HIRAHARA Hidetoshi
Development and application of organic/inorganic composite materials
Assessment and control of corrosive reaction of metal materials
YOKOTA Masaaki
Creational theory and structural assessment of molecular crystals
Associate Professor
Synthesis and reactivity of new complexes of stratified compounds
UI Koichi
Associate Professor
Research on high-performance lithium rechargeable batteries
Associate Professor
Reactivity of functional compounds on materials surfaces and its applications
Associate Professor
Development of high performance and highly functional polymeric materials
DOKI Norihito
Associate Professor
Creational theory and assessment of functional fine particles
NANAO Hidetaka
Associate Professor
Assessment of the lubrication characteristics of self-assembled monolayers
Associate Professor
Development and research of new multielectron transfer molecules
ASAI Shota
Assistant Professor
The development of novel organic reactions for the synthesis and modification of natural products and bioactive compounds
Assistant Professor
Research concerning the structure, function, and reactivity of molecules
Assistant Professor
Synthesis and functionalization of heat-resistant aromatic polymer
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